Information Report – 3/27/2020

Alright, troopers, here’s another round of information and resources I’ve gathered over the past few weeks. I know I’m late here, but I was delayed by some obvious real life matters.

A Survivor of Teen Porn Trafficking Speaks Out on Pornhub from Exodus Cry – This is a written testimony of a girl who had been prostituted when she was as young as 11, and many times while being filmed. It goes on to talk about Pornhub and other sites that permit videos showing the rape and forced sex of minors and even older women. It discusses the fraud that exists in the porn industry and coercion often done to actresses. Some have told me that this sort of thing doesn’t happen in American pornography… clearly that’s false.

10 Ways to Avoid Porn (and COVID-19) When You Work from Home from Covenant Eyes – We’re all staying inside trying to avoid the COVID-19 virus. For some staying at home to work – especially those who might be alone during this time – the temptation to look at pornography may grow. This article provides some practical advice on how to avoid the pitfall of sin (including prayer).

3 Steps to Avoid the Ditch of Relapse from Covenant Eyes – As the author of the article says, it’s hard to come up with “a bullet proof plan to avoid a relapse.” Nonetheless, there is some practical advise. The most helpful (one that’s helped me) is the formation of proper habits, or finding ways to combat influences in your life through accountability and sustainability. (I don’t condone the allegorization of 2 Chronicles 32:5, by the by.)

Belgium killed almost 3,000 people by euthanasia in 2019, including one child from LifeSite News – An article detailing the insane amount of euthanasia going on in Belgium right now. Even worse, the Belgian government is planning to make it so that anybody can be euthanized – not just those in psychological or physical pain.

Republicans embrace misogyny, child abuse and racism in Oklahoma’s House Bill 2790 from the Washington Times – The Republican Party has been called “controlled opposition” by some. Maybe that’s an unfair label, but then there are moments like this, and I’m reminded of why some say “Conservative politics is just progressive politics going the speed limit.”

Steep decline in practicing Christians will have major repercussions for church leaders: study from the Christian Post – An article that discusses some percentiles regarding population trends in the United States, as reported by the Barna Group. In 2000, 45% of Americans identified themselves as practicing Christians (that is, someone who “identifies as a Christian, agrees strongly that faith is very important in their lives and has attended church within the past month”); today, this number has dropped to 25%. There are some other numbers to consider as well. In 2000, 35% of Americans identified as non-practicing Christians; that number has grown to 43% in 2020. In 2000, 20% of Americans identified themselves as non-Christian; that number has grown to 30%. Just some sobering facts regarding the state of things.

Covenant Theology Is Not Replacement Theology from The Heidelblog – R. Scott Clark explains the common misconceptions about the Reformed view of Israel and what role true Israel plays with the church. As Dr. Clark explains, Israel was never “replaced,” because (as Paul says in Romans) true Israel has always been a part of the church.

The Divine Mandate for Parents from Ligonier Ministries – A good, short article on why it’s important for parents to teach their children about the Lord and raise them up in the faith. As the article says, it’s a command from scripture… there’s no way around it.

And in the humor corner…

Bethel Church’s healing services are closed down… because of coronavirus. You can’t make this stuff up. Here’s another article about it.

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