IHOP-KC Primer

Over the years, I’ve done a lot of study and work on the International House of Prayer and Mike Bickle. I’ve decided to organize them together into various categories, in an effort to assist others with their research and discernment.


Podcast: An Intro to IHOP-KC – Discussing the founding of IHOP-KC and Mike Bickle’s background.

Podcast: IHOP-KC and Forerunners – An examination of IHOP-KC’s beliefs regarding forerunners and the end-times movement.

Podcast: IHOP-KC and Prayer Power – An examination of the belief in IHOP-KC and many other Hyper-Charismatic movements in regards to the power of prayer.

Podcast: IHOP-KC and Prophecy – An examination of IHOP-KC’s doctrine regarding prophecy and prophets.

Are all Christians supposed to prophesy? – An examination of Mike Bickle’s claim, appealing to the wording of 1 Corinthians 14:31.

The Kenotic Jesus of IHOP-KC – Does IHOP-KC teach the Jesus of history and scripture? If not, do they teach “another Jesus” contradictory to scripture? This post examines the issue.

Is the International House of Prayer truly Sola Scriptura? – An examination of whether or not IHOP-KC truly adheres to the historical Christian doctrine of Sola Scriptura.

John the Baptist and the End-Times: A Response – An examination of common scriptural claims regarding end-times forerunners, who believe they are like John the Baptist.

Destroying Discernment: Mike Bickle and What Makes a False Prophet – An examination of Mike Bickle’s arguments regarding how New Testament era prophets can give erroneous prophecies.

The Unwritten “Word of God” – A discussion on how IHOP-KC leaders believe in two revelations: those by God in His written word, and those from God through personal revelation.

Did Agabus get it wrong? – A response to a common claim from many Hyper-Charismatics that the prophecy of Agabus regarding Paul’s arrest (Acts 21:10-11) is an example of fallible New Testament prophecy.

Cultic Nature

Podcast: Is IHOP-KC a Cult? – A discussion on the nature of cults, as well as a review of Mike Bickle’s own video regarding whether or not IHOP-KC is a cult.

Podcast: What Happened at OneThing VA Beach – I actually met Allen Hood, friend of Mike Bickle and one of the top people at IHOP-KC, at OneThing Virginia Beach in 2013. I had a chance to speak with him, and present some of my concerns regarding doctrine and the use of scripture. How does Allen Hood respond? It may shock you. I’ve had former IHOPU students email me and thank me for this, as the way I was treated is how many students who present contrary thought are treated.

How IHOP-KC is defended – Present, as Martin Luther demanded, “scripture and plain reason” to a follower of IHOP-KC, and you’ll often get hostility and insults. The exchange recorded here is but one example.

Mike Bickle and His Time with God – A record of Mike Bickle’s claims to have personally heard from God, who not only gave him the acronym IHOP (which had been trademarked since the 1970’s), but who also gave Bickle IHOP-KC as an “assignment” that the Lord has “committed” him to do.

The False Drought Prophecy of Bob Jones – Just as the Jehovah’s Witnesses have edited and censored any discussion of their failed prophecies, so too have IHOP-KC edited and censored past prophecies which turned out to be completely false, or not as expected.

Bickle to IHOP-KC Leaders: “You are Bound to This” – Using documents provided to me by former IHOP-KC leaders, we discover just how manipulative Bickle and company are towards those who follow them.

IHOP-KC and the Bethany Deaton Murder – A discussion on how the nature around the Bethany Deaton murder is similar to the cult-like nature found at the International House of Prayer.

Experiences on IHOP-KC’s Staff – An excerpt of someone’s testimony regarding their time at IHOP-KC, and how they were treated.


Re: Worship That Shakes the World – A response to a Misty Edwards article. An example of how language regarding IHOP-KC’s more extreme beliefs are softened when speaking in more general circles.

An Open Letter to Dr. Michael Brown on Mike Bickle – My attempt to reach out to Dr. Michael Brown regarding his open support of Mike Bickle.

Follow Up: My Open Letter to Michael Brown – A sequel to the last link, discussing how Michael Brown spurned my open letter, and maintained that he was knowledgeable enough of IHOP-KC to validate his beliefs.

Special Podcast: Michael Brown and Mike Bickle – Myself and two brothers in the Lord discuss Dr. Michael Brown’s open support of Mike Bickle and his movement.

What Francis Chan attending OneThing means – Reaction post to Francis Chan’s announcement he was speaking at OneThing 2013. Basically discussing what the title implies.

Podcast: Francis Chan at OneThing 2013 – An examination of Francis Chan speaking at OneThing 2013, and giving credence and legitimacy to Mike Bickle and his movement.

Podcast: CBN and IHOP-KC – We listen to the International House of Prayer get normalized and mainstreamed by CBN.

The Mainstreaming of IHOP-KC – An article discussing how IHOP-KC is attempting to make itself more in line with other denominations.

Misuse of Scripture

IHOP-KC and Acts 2 – An examination of Mike Bickle’s misuse of Acts 2 and Joel 2.

Reviewing a Daniel Lim Sermon at IHOP-KC – Daniel Lim mishandles Luke 7:21-23 to try to defend so-called healing revivals and ministries.

Did Jesus Heal Slowly? – A response to Wes Hall citing Mark 8:22-26 as an example of why, when we pray, healing doesn’t always immediately come.

Lou Engle, Scripture and Dominionism – Lou Engle (former leader at IHOP-KC, now doing his own thing) mishandles scripture again and again to try and teach that we need to take dominion over society.

Podcast: Mike Bickle and Psalm 2 – Mike Bickle interprets Psalm 2 as an end times psalm about his prayer movement, completely ignoring how scripture interprets it in Acts and elsewhere.

Matthew 17 – An Example of Bad Allegorization – Daniel Lim and Linda Fields misuse Matthew 17 as an “word picture” of the end times prayer movement.

Podcast: Variety Episode 2 – In the first half of the podcast, we listen to Jennifer LeClaire misuse Micah to invent a “breaker anointing” she claims the Holy Spirit wants the churches to embrace.


Prayer and Prophetic Conference Tweets – A collection of the tweets I did during the 2012 Prayer and Prophetic Conference. Most notable is the brief exchange I had with Daniel Lim, who later deleted all his tweets.

An Interview with a Former IHOP-KC Member – An interview I had with someone who formerly belonged to the “houses of prayer” movement.

An Open Email to IHOP-KC and Mike Bickle – A letter I wrote to Mike Bickle and IHOP-KC leadership some time ago. To this day, they have yet to give any response.

Re: A Call to Unity – A response to an IHOP-KC supporter saying Christians should ally with each other. (Of course, doctrine has little concern.)

Was Mike Bickle a Roman Catholic? – A small correction post, regarding a claim about the theological background of Mike Bickle.

Did I Misquote Jonathan Edwards? – A response to Julie Meyer and Joseph Meyer on the charge that I was misquoting Edwards in regards to the power of prayer. This is infamous for Julie Meyer’s response to historical facts with, “You know this why? Were you there?”

Podcast: A Variety Episode – In the middle of this episode, we listen to audio from a video at the International House of Prayer, where a girl named Katie who had been shaking for two whole hours continues shaking and rambling.

IHOP-KC Supports The Shack – What it says.

IHOP sued by IHOP (again) – A post from back in 2011, when IHOP the restaurant sued IHOP the ministry. For those who like to make pancake jokes…

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