Below is an organization of my works on the topic of Kinism.

The Doctrine

Podcast: Talking Kinism on the “Citizen of New Jerusalem” Podcast – J. Adam Kane and I discuss the topic of Kinism over on his podcast. We talk about its differences with Christian Identity, the basics of Kinist belief, and discuss both Deuteronomy 7 and the “Law of Kin Rule.”

Abuse of Scripture

Deuteronomy 7 and Kinism: A Closer Examination – Deuteronomy 7 (specifically verse 3) is often cited by Kinists as a scriptural command either to completely ban or advise against interracial marriages. Is this the case? This post examines the context of Deuteronomy 7 much more closely.

Rahab and Kinism – Part 1 – Part one of a series on Kinist claims regarding Rahab. Was she actually a Gentile? Did Christ have Gentile blood in His veins when He took on flesh?

Rahab and Kinism – Part 2 – Part two of a series on Kinist claims regarding Rahab. When Matthew speaks of “Rahab” in the lineage of Christ, was he referring to the Rahab from the Book of Joshua? Kinists don’t think so.

Kinists and Ruth – Was Ruth an actual ethnic Moabite, or was “Moabite” in reference to something else? We examine the claims made by Kinists in this regard.

The Law of Kin Rule – We examine the use of Deuteronomy 17:15 by Kinists to teach the “Law of Kin Rule,” which states that if you permit yourself to be ruled by someone of a different ethnic or racial group, you are in violation of God’s blueprint, and committing treason against God.

Abuse of History

Samuel Rutherford and Kinism – Kinists claim that Samuel Rutherford interpreted Deuteronomy 17 in line with the “Law of Kin Rule,” and quote as much from his work Lex Rex. Is Rutherford quoted in context and accurately? We examine this claim.

Was Matthew Henry a Kinist? – We examine a Matthew Henry quote shared by some Kinists to try to prove that he was or held some Kinist views.

Dialogue with Davis Carlton at Faith and Heritage

I had a response to some of my posts from Davis Carlton, a contributor over at Faith and Heritage, a well known Kinist site. What resulted was a back-and-forth which covered a variety of topics, from scripture’s teachings to the historical Reformed view of the Law. Below are the posts in order. (Note: “Truth Tribune” was an old internet username of mine.)

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