Information Report – 3/6/2020

Alright, troopers, here's another round of information and resources I've gathered this week. Is Inherited Belief Inherently False? from Here's the Thing - A common argument among some atheists, popularized by Richard Dawkins, is that most people are only members of a certain religion because their parents were members of said religion. The article discusses... Continue Reading →

This Week in Review – 3/31/2017

Some more links to share!What Does Semper Reformanda Mean? from Ligonier Ministries - Pretty much what the title says; it's an explanation of the historical background for the phrase Semper Reformanda.Moses Was Not Abraham from The Heidelbog - A good explanation of baptism in regards to the covenants in church history. Namely, between the distinction... Continue Reading →

This Week in Review – 3/24/2017

Here's another list of interesting links and resources I discovered this week. Quite a few to share here, from a variety of topics!Creation Accounts and Ancient Near Eastern Religions from Christian Research Institute - It's common for people to say the Genesis narrative is just a rehash of Near Eastern religions, or at the very... Continue Reading →

This Week in Review – 3/17/2017

Time for yet another roundup of highlights this week.What Does The Shack Really Teach? “Lies We Believe About God” Tells Us from Tim Challies - An important read for any Christian tackling any debate that exists over The Shack. Tim Challies goes through William Paul Young's straight theological treatise Lies We Believe About God and... Continue Reading →

This Week in Review – 3/10/2017

And now another weekly roundup.Heidelberg 80: We Don’t Need Any Footnotes from The Heidelblog - An interesting explanation of Question 80 from the Heidelberg catechism, and whether or not it truly misrepresents the position of Roman Catholicism regarding the Lord's Supper.The Reformed Reject Lent In Basle In 1534 from The Heidelblog - Article XI from... Continue Reading →

This Week in Review – 2/24/2017

I decided to start posting interesting links, or things I've found to be edifying, in a sort of hodgepodge post. I hope to make this a weekly thing. It was inspired by some other people who I have seen done this. It was also inspired by the very real problem of finding nuggets on social... Continue Reading →

Russia is Not 99% Atheist

A lot of times, when I hear stories of evangelism or I watch documentaries that touch on the subject, and the topic turns to Russia and modern day evangelism there, the same mantra tends to get repeated: only 1% of Russia is Christian. What is either implied or outright concluded is that the other 99%... Continue Reading →

The Foolishness of Religion

The following is from John Bunyan's famous Pilgrim's Progress.Christian: Met you with nothing else in that valley?Faithful: Yes, I met with Shame; but of all the men that I met with on my pilgrimage, he, I think, bears the wrong name. The other would be said nay, after a little argumentation, and somewhat else; but... Continue Reading →

When You Decide Who God Is

A few days ago, I had quite the experience at a local pub here in Hampton Roads. I was spending some time unwinding after work, having a drink and reading Martin Luther's famous Bondage of the Will. Suddenly, I was brought into a conversation by three people: one gentleman by himself; and a couple. In... Continue Reading →

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