Podcast: The Oddity of Bob Jones

In this episode, we present a dramatized reading of the Mike Bickle/Bob Jones sessions from the late 1980's, taken from the Aberrant Practices document. It features much of the insane stuff Bob Jones talked about or claimed at that time...but remember, this is a man who many considered a great prophet even up until his... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Bob Jones and the Third Heaven

In this podcast, we examine an episode of Patricia King's show which discusses the Third Heaven and the importance of Christians to visit it. Bob Jones and Todd Bentley co-star. Do they live up to the biblical teaching on the Third Heaven? Do they honor scripture?This post provides a link to an article examination the... Continue Reading →

The False Drought Prophecy of Bob Jones

Whenever Mike Bickle discusses the so-called "prophetic history" of the International House of Prayer (IHOP-KC), he often brings up the supposed prophecy of drought as predicted by Bob Jones. As it turns out, that prophecy may not only be completely false, but the account regarding it may have been altered over time.You can view more... Continue Reading →

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