Four Incorrect Views of Christianity

The following is from Authentic Christianity, by Martin Lloyd-Jones, regarding Acts 2:37–47.Let me put it quite simply like this: What would your answer be if I gave you a sheet of paper and a pencil and told you to put down in as few words as possible your idea of what it means to be a... Continue Reading →

What is Fellowship?

Recently I encountered an interesting definition of the word "fellowship." A gentleman was using the term in reference to the relationship between believers and unbelievers, and the ability for believers to befriend and witness to unbelievers and sinners. Is this the case? Is this a proper definition of "fellowship"?One of the first mentions of "fellowship"... Continue Reading →

Letter to a Young Christian

The following is from a letter sent by Jonathan Edwards to a young woman newly converted, and who was curious about maintaining a religious life. As you desired me to send you, in writing, some directions how to conduct yourself in your christian course, I would now answer your request. The sweet remembrance of the... Continue Reading →

“Gay Christianity” Refuted

Below is a link to James White's presentation from last March on the presentation by Matthew Vines that supports homosexuality from the context of scripture and the Christian worldview.The link to the entire presentation can be found here.

The Story of a Self-Proclaimed Communist

Once upon a time a gentleman came across someone who called himself a Communist. As they began to chat, the gentleman asked what had attracted the Communist to that ideology."Because I believe that the government should provide for the people," the Communist said."But do you agree with class warfare" asked our gentleman."Heavens no," replied the... Continue Reading →

Can a statement of faith be false?

A while ago, I got into a conversation with a gentleman over what constituted a true believer. His position, as he explained it, was that there was no such thing as a false statement of faith, as those who proclaim Christ as their Lord and say they believe in him will be saved. His opinion... Continue Reading →

The Story of a Christian II

Gather round, chil'ren, it's story time again.Once upon a time there was a Christian. He ran a ministry and was well known for his preaching, which was scriptural and on the level. All this changed when our Christian started opposing someone else's ministry. In this ministry, there were some signs and wonders that were amazing... Continue Reading →

Christians and Cafeteria Morality

I came across this meme a few weeks ago, and - after some interaction with certain people - asked a coworker to find it for me again, as it was quickly inspiring a blog post. The meme is called something like "hypocritical Christian girl" and is popular around some online atheist circles. Despite the source... Continue Reading →

Are all Christians supposed to prophesy?

Mike Bickle of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOP-KC) centers his "prophetic ministry" on the idea that all Christians are supposed to prophesy. To give an example of his argumentation:The church, from its inception on the Day of Pentecost, was to be of a prophetic nature. It is clear that the spirit... Continue Reading →

The Biblical Definition of Sainthood

Many times, because of the influence of some older churches, I think many people have misconceptions regarding who or what is a "saint." Many think that a church has to go through a complicated list of preconditions before a person can be considered a saint, whereas others may think that you have to wait until... Continue Reading →

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