Jonathan Edwards and the Flood

The following is from Jonathan Edwards's A History of the Work of Redemption, and deals with the flood and Noah's ark.By means of this flood, all the enemies of God’s church, against whom that little handful had no strength, were swept off at once. God took their part, appeared for them against their enemies, and... Continue Reading →

Preservation of the Church

The following is from Martin Luther's Bondage of the Will.In the first place, we do not say that this error was overlooked of God in His Church, or in anyone of His Saints. For the Church is ruled by the Spirit of God, and the Saints are led by the Spirit of God. (Rom. viii.... Continue Reading →

God’s Patience Towards Degenerate Churches

The following is from Jonathan Edwards's Treatise on Qualifications for Full Communion.It is evident that God sometimes, according to the methods of his marvelous mercy, and long suffering towards mankind, has a merciful respect to a degenerate church, that is become exceeding corrupt in regard that it is constituted of members who have not those qualifications which... Continue Reading →

Marriage to the Bridegroom

As those who know me personally are aware, I've recently been rediscovering my Italian heritage. So, I was quite happy to learn that, lo and behold, there were Italian Reformers! One of these was Don Benedetto, who wrote the work The Benefit of Christ Crucified, which is now available for free on Kindle thanks to... Continue Reading →

The Body of Christ, the Church

The following is a presentation by Dr. James White regarding Harold Camping and his teaching that Christians should leave the church. It's old (2002) and predates the hype of Harold Camping's second end time revelation, but I found it to be an edifying listen because it touches on the importance of the church and why... Continue Reading →

Stop abusing Matthew 18:20!

One of the most commonly misquoted verses of the Bible is, amazingly enough, a fairly harmless one:For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst. [Matthew 18:20]Many people quote this in reference to the church. "Ah, see!" they declare, "Where two or three are gathered in His... Continue Reading →

Logic and Ecclesiastical Divisions/Unity

It is common for many groups to harp on the many denominations or ecumenical groups as being a sign that there is no "universal" truth. They will then declare that their individual group bears the truth, as all their churches and leaders are united in faith and creed. Therefore, people are invited to join, in... Continue Reading →

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