One Robot’s Conversion

So the random thought entered my head a while the 1986 film Short Circuit a good metaphor for regeneration?Wait, no, don't go for that little red "x" on your browser - hear me out.As a kid, this movie was one of my favorites growing up, and (amazingly) it still holds up for me even... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Guided by Grace

Here is the latest podcast episode. In this one, my wife joins me to discuss her testimony, talking of her going from Roman Catholicism to true repentance and faith in Christ.

Alvin York’s Conversion

The following is a clip from the classic Gary Cooper film Sergeant York. What it doesn't show is the film's somewhat miraculous (and probably exaggerated) depiction of Alvin York going to kill a man who cheated him, only to have lightning strike above him and destroy the rifle he intended to use. What it does... Continue Reading →

My Testimony at Long for Truth

A few days ago, I was interviewed on the podcast Long for Truth about my spiritual journey (and what a journey it was to say the least). If you'd like to hear it, always wondered what I sounded like, or you wonder how many times a person can say "you know" in 45-minutes time, here... Continue Reading →

Letter to a Young Christian

The following is from a letter sent by Jonathan Edwards to a young woman newly converted, and who was curious about maintaining a religious life. As you desired me to send you, in writing, some directions how to conduct yourself in your christian course, I would now answer your request. The sweet remembrance of the... Continue Reading →

John Wesley’s Epiphany

For a short while, John Wesley, the future founder of Methodism, had a home in the young American city of Savannah. Due to conflict with the influential families of the area, Wesley was forced to flee on foot to the Carolinas where he took a ship back to England. While aboard, he reflected heavily on... Continue Reading →

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