Another, Final, Open Letter to Michael Brown

To Dr. Michael Brown;Back in 2013, I wrote you an open letter regarding your words of support for false teacher and cult leader Mike Bickle. I had posted that open letter because, after sending a private letter to you through your website, I realized that I may not receive a response from you through that... Continue Reading →

Is your church a cult of personality?

The following is a good article from the Gospel Coalition website, and is addressed to pastors on how to avoid turning their church into a cult of personality centered around them. In this day and age when many churches are becoming such places, this is definitely something to seek to avoid.An excerpt:How do you handle... Continue Reading →

What makes a cult?

The following quotes are taken from Walter Martin's monumental work Kingdom of the Cults, and are what I quoted in the podcast Is IHOP-KC a Cult? They are all taken from the 1985 printing, which I own (the 2003 printing, which I borrowed, was used in the podcast - the only differences are the page numbers).... Continue Reading →

Cult Lessons from Boy Meets World

My wife and I recently watched this episode of Boy Meets World, and, aside from how well it seemed to handle the issue of cults or cult-like organizations without going too over the top, I was amazed at how it also didn't sacrifice the idea of God and truth. I couldn't help but think of... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Is IHOP-KC a Cult?

The following is my latest podcast, asking the important question: is the International House of Prayer a cult? I've been hesitant to give any definite answer in the past, but here I finally come to a definite conclusion. This link provides an example of how IHOP-KC is defended by some of its members.This link provides... Continue Reading →

How I Affected Wave Church’s Blog Combox

How did I affect Wave Church's combox? I essentially helped it cease to exist.How did this come about? Well, I was reading the post regarding the second day of Wave Church's Daniel Fast, when I saw what I perceived to be an erroneous application of Matthew 21 to try to teach somewhat therapeutic theology. Thankfully,... Continue Reading →

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