Over-Importance of the End Times

There was recently an article posted on the IHOP-KC blog entitled: Why We Can’t Know the Day or the Hour: the Commandment to Know the Generation of the Lord’s Return. It was written by Adam Wittenberg, who serves on IHOP-KC's marketing department. I wanted to write a response to it, not only because of some of... Continue Reading →

John Hagee’s Four Blood Moons Debunked

"END OF DAYS!! END OF DAYS!!!"Just in case anyone thought John Hagee's blood moon statements were to be taken seriously...Part 2 can be found here. The part specifically dealing with John Hagee can be found around the 48:20 mark.My only contention with Chris Rosebrough's presentation is his belief that Joel 2/Acts 2 is speaking on... Continue Reading →

The History of End Time Fever

The following is a simple list of people  and groups who presumed or assumed that Jesus was about to return, or that the time was close. While this isn't a complete listing (it will probably change over time, as I discover more and more), it definitely demonstrates not only that people have been consistently thinking... Continue Reading →

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