Information Report – 3/27/2020

Alright, troopers, here’s another round of information and resources I’ve gathered over the past few weeks. I know I'm late here, but I was delayed by some obvious real life matters. A Survivor of Teen Porn Trafficking Speaks Out on Pornhub from Exodus Cry - This is a written testimony of a girl who had... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Ernest Angley

In this episode, we provide a brief review of televangelist Ernest Angley, along with his questionable doctrines, and some statements I heard him and his staff make while I visited his church in person.Much of this episode's content I owe to a study on Ernest Angley over at the discernment website Let Us Reason.Here's the link to... Continue Reading →

Chris Rosebrough Interviews Televangelist Brian Powers

Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith interviews Brian Powers, televangelist and supposed faith healer. Chris is as blunt as ever, and holds Brian to the scriptures, resulting in Brian self-destructing about midway through and going into a meltdown.Here is the link.Among the things I noticed from Brian Powers, that I have noticed others who... Continue Reading →

Did Jesus Heal Slowly?

The conundrum of today's supposed faith healings or medical miracles is that they are rarely as quick and instantaneous as those of Christ the Apostles: a person may be declared "healed" of their broken leg, and yet still need to go through the recovery any non-healed person would need; a person may be declared "healed"... Continue Reading →

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