Information Report – 2/28/2020

Gather 'round, troops. Here's a gathering of resources I've found online this week. The Danger of Just Watching and the Power of Being Seen from Covenant Eyes - A short article on the danger in a relationship that can come not only from use of pornography, but the humiliation and damage that can come from... Continue Reading →

This Week in Review – 3/31/2017

Some more links to share!What Does Semper Reformanda Mean? from Ligonier Ministries - Pretty much what the title says; it's an explanation of the historical background for the phrase Semper Reformanda.Moses Was Not Abraham from The Heidelbog - A good explanation of baptism in regards to the covenants in church history. Namely, between the distinction... Continue Reading →

A Tale of a Feminist Christian

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Jory Micah. She considered herself a social justice warrior, and a feminist. She fought against the evil patriarchy that she believed had infiltrated the church, and fought for the rights of minorities all across America.This Jory Micah received a lot of flack for things she said.... Continue Reading →

This Week in Review – 2/24/2017

I decided to start posting interesting links, or things I've found to be edifying, in a sort of hodgepodge post. I hope to make this a weekly thing. It was inspired by some other people who I have seen done this. It was also inspired by the very real problem of finding nuggets on social... Continue Reading →

Complementarianism and the Gospel

An unpopular subject these days is the role of the two genders, not only in society at large but especially within the confines of marriage. It gets especially difficult because you often have two extremes in the discussion: those of an egalitarian, feminist stream, and those of the "gimme a beer" woman stream. Some in... Continue Reading →

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