IHOP-KC and the Bethany Deaton Murder

Some time ago, a murder occurred involving those had had been attending the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, and it involved what was ultimately a mini-cult. Initially, I hadn't written or said much on the Deaton murder case, partially because the initial reports seemed to suggest IHOP-KC was completely separated from it, and... Continue Reading →

Podcast: CBN and IHOP-KC

In this episode we examine two clips about the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, which were played on the Christian Broadcast Network's 700 Club. Most importantly, we review how IHOP-KC will hide key points to their theology in a more public setting, and ask if CBN is really fully aware of what they... Continue Reading →

The Mainstreaming of IHOP-KC

Here's a question: what do the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the International House of Prayer in Kansas City have in common? I mean besides from both having founders who claimed to have spoken directly to God, claimed to have received special direction from God regarding how the church was to go,... Continue Reading →

Podcast: A Variety Episode

The following podcast covers a variety of topics. We play a clip from Chris Rosebrough's Fighting for the Faith, review a "testimony" by a girl named Katie at the International House of Prayer, and then review a supposed demonic possession at Nigerian "prophet" TB Joshua's church.

Podcast: Francis Chan at OneThing 2013

This episode reviews the message Francis Chan delivered at the International House of Prayer's OneThing Conference in 2013.This link goes to my original post about Francis Chan attending OneThing 2013.This link goes to the interview with Mike Gendron, regarding Francis Chan compromising on the errors in Roman Catholicism.This link sends you to my post reviewing... Continue Reading →

What Francis Chan attending OneThing means

Francis Chan is set to attend the OneThing Conference held by the International House of Prayer every year in Kansas City. When I first heard this, I was somewhat shocked by this, as I had heard about Francis Chan and listened to him speak some years ago, and had some respect for him. As I've... Continue Reading →

Special Podcast: Michael Brown and Mike Bickle

Steven Long of Long for Truth and Kofi Adu-Boahen of Fiery Logic join me for a special podcast regarding Dr. Michael Brown's open support of Mike Bickle, the International House of Prayer, and other Hyper-Charismatic false teachers.It's quite fitting this gets posted on Reformation Day, as one of the big topics we discussed was the... Continue Reading →

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