Ask for the Old Paths

If you listen to sermons by Independent Fundamentalist Baptist pastors and evangelists, or you study enough into the IFB movement in general, you'll hear about something called "the old paths." The term comes from the King James rendition of Jeremiah, specifically this passage: Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and... Continue Reading →

Silly Arguments Part IV

Why hello there, face-palming Picard! This must mean it's time for guessed it...silly argument!Once upon a time in the world of a social media website that shall remain nameless, I saw this argument made for the King James Bible and why we should use it alone.psalm 12-6 purified 7 times. it was the 7th... Continue Reading →

The KJV and Septuagint: A Comparison

In the late-to-mid third century BC, a group of Jewish translators gathered together in Alexandria to begin a Greek translation of Old Testament books. Because of the tradition that there were around 70 translators assigned to the task, the work was given the name Septuagint (sometimes called LXX, after the Roman numeral). Much later on,... Continue Reading →

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