Information Report – 2/28/2020

Gather 'round, troops. Here's a gathering of resources I've found online this week. The Danger of Just Watching and the Power of Being Seen from Covenant Eyes - A short article on the danger in a relationship that can come not only from use of pornography, but the humiliation and damage that can come from... Continue Reading →

Another, Final, Open Letter to Michael Brown

To Dr. Michael Brown;Back in 2013, I wrote you an open letter regarding your words of support for false teacher and cult leader Mike Bickle. I had posted that open letter because, after sending a private letter to you through your website, I realized that I may not receive a response from you through that... Continue Reading →

Michael Brown and the Jonah Syndrome

Recently, for Charisma Magazine, Dr. Michael Brown wrote an article entitled "Are You Suffering from the Jonah Syndrome?" The opening states (the parts by Brown are in purple):We all know that Jonah was the prophet who tried to run from God’s call. But do you know the reason he tried to run? Jonah was afraid... Continue Reading →

Michael Brown at it again!

A while ago, I wrote an open letter to Dr. Michael Brown regarding his fellowship with International House of Prayer founder Mike Bickle, as well as some other men involved in the movement. After my interaction with him on Twitter, I wrote a follow up post, and then did a special podcast with two other... Continue Reading →

Special Podcast: Michael Brown and Mike Bickle

Steven Long of Long for Truth and Kofi Adu-Boahen of Fiery Logic join me for a special podcast regarding Dr. Michael Brown's open support of Mike Bickle, the International House of Prayer, and other Hyper-Charismatic false teachers.It's quite fitting this gets posted on Reformation Day, as one of the big topics we discussed was the... Continue Reading →

Follow Up: My Open Letter to Michael Brown

On October 28, 2013, I posted my open letter to Michael Brown regarding his fellowship with International House of Prayer (IHOP-KC) founder and leader Mike Bickle. At 10:54 AM that same day, I tweeted a link to my blog post, and tagged Michael Brown's twitter account. Literally two minutes later (certainly not long enough to... Continue Reading →

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