The Kenotic Jesus of IHOP-KC

Introduction - Why This Matters The International House of Prayer in Kansas City claims to be in the service of Jesus Christ. Mike Bickle even claims to have received direct revelation from Jesus Christ commanding him to lead an end times movement. (In fact, Mike Bickle claims the acronym IHOP, trademarked by the restaurant since... Continue Reading →

Another, Final, Open Letter to Michael Brown

To Dr. Michael Brown;Back in 2013, I wrote you an open letter regarding your words of support for false teacher and cult leader Mike Bickle. I had posted that open letter because, after sending a private letter to you through your website, I realized that I may not receive a response from you through that... Continue Reading →

Over-Importance of the End Times

There was recently an article posted on the IHOP-KC blog entitled: Why We Can’t Know the Day or the Hour: the Commandment to Know the Generation of the Lord’s Return. It was written by Adam Wittenberg, who serves on IHOP-KC's marketing department. I wanted to write a response to it, not only because of some of... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Mike Bickle and Psalm 2

In this episode, we review Mike Bickle's message from OneThing 2014, which went over the meaning of Psalm 2. Does he handle it rightly? What tactics does he employ to interpret the passage?This link takes you to a post about IHOP-KC's involvement with the Bethany Deaton murder, but (more importantly) discusses the cult-like atmosphere and... Continue Reading →

The Sons of Issachar Anointing

Of the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do, their chiefs were two hundred; and all their kinsmen were at their command. [1 Chronicles 12:32; NASB]I've seen a lot of talk on social media and in Hyper-Charismatic circles about the "Sons of Issachar Anointing," based off this... Continue Reading →

Podcast: The Oddity of Bob Jones

In this episode, we present a dramatized reading of the Mike Bickle/Bob Jones sessions from the late 1980's, taken from the Aberrant Practices document. It features much of the insane stuff Bob Jones talked about or claimed at that time...but remember, this is a man who many considered a great prophet even up until his... Continue Reading →

IHOP-KC and the Bethany Deaton Murder

Some time ago, a murder occurred involving those had had been attending the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, and it involved what was ultimately a mini-cult. Initially, I hadn't written or said much on the Deaton murder case, partially because the initial reports seemed to suggest IHOP-KC was completely separated from it, and... Continue Reading →

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