Information Report – 3/6/2020

Alright, troopers, here's another round of information and resources I've gathered this week. Is Inherited Belief Inherently False? from Here's the Thing - A common argument among some atheists, popularized by Richard Dawkins, is that most people are only members of a certain religion because their parents were members of said religion. The article discusses... Continue Reading →

The Story of a Christian II

Gather round, chil'ren, it's story time again.Once upon a time there was a Christian. He ran a ministry and was well known for his preaching, which was scriptural and on the level. All this changed when our Christian started opposing someone else's ministry. In this ministry, there were some signs and wonders that were amazing... Continue Reading →

Presuppositions on Miracles and God

In an earlier post I discussed what I called the "fallacy of contrary presuppositions." Namely, two presuppositions that a person upholds which cannot coexist without one contradicting the other. Recently I've been reading or encountering another series of contrary presuppositions that I often seen be made by accidental deists, liberal theologians, and similar groups. Many of... Continue Reading →

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