Information Report – 3/27/2020

Alright, troopers, here’s another round of information and resources I’ve gathered over the past few weeks. I know I'm late here, but I was delayed by some obvious real life matters. A Survivor of Teen Porn Trafficking Speaks Out on Pornhub from Exodus Cry - This is a written testimony of a girl who had... Continue Reading →

Information Report – 3/6/2020

Alright, troopers, here's another round of information and resources I've gathered this week. Is Inherited Belief Inherently False? from Here's the Thing - A common argument among some atheists, popularized by Richard Dawkins, is that most people are only members of a certain religion because their parents were members of said religion. The article discusses... Continue Reading →

Information Report – 2/28/2020

Gather 'round, troops. Here's a gathering of resources I've found online this week. The Danger of Just Watching and the Power of Being Seen from Covenant Eyes - A short article on the danger in a relationship that can come not only from use of pornography, but the humiliation and damage that can come from... Continue Reading →

This Week in Review – 3/31/2017

Some more links to share!What Does Semper Reformanda Mean? from Ligonier Ministries - Pretty much what the title says; it's an explanation of the historical background for the phrase Semper Reformanda.Moses Was Not Abraham from The Heidelbog - A good explanation of baptism in regards to the covenants in church history. Namely, between the distinction... Continue Reading →

This Week in Review – 3/3/2017

Here's another roundup of highlights I found throughout the week.What Did the Jewish Historian Josephus Really Say About Jesus? from Jonathan Morrow - Good article on the sections of Josephus regarding Christ that scholars dispute. As it turns out, when you remove the questionable parts, it still says a lot about the historicity of Jesus.Eschatology... Continue Reading →

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