Reflections on Grieving

Two years ago, on May 18, 2018, my wife and I lost our second child in a miscarriage. Not too long after, on September 17, we would lose our third child in a miscarriage. I had written a blog post on the first miscarriage, but didn't with the second because, really, I didn't have anything... Continue Reading →

Empty Womb – Empty Tomb

Some of you know that my wife and I were expecting our second child. We were about six weeks along.Last Friday, our child was lost in a miscarriage.There had been spotting, but with our last birth there had been spotting. There had been pains, but that doesn't automatically mean anything bad. Then my wife woke... Continue Reading →

Thirty Years

Today, I have left the 20's, and have hit the big three-oh. What can I say after all this time? There are so many blessings to look back upon.I thank God for His providence, and for His care and discipline, which has sanctified me over time, turning me from a child of God into a... Continue Reading →

When Willful Ignorance Hits Close to Home

I've met a lot of people who bore what I call "willful ignorance." That is, they've received correction, and don't want to reform. They've been told what is light and what is darkness, and they still refuse to come to the light. They have the truth right in front of them, and they still refuse... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Why I Left Eastern Orthodoxy

In this episode, I do some "house cleaning" and explain why I left the Eastern Orthodox church after being a convert into it. Apologies for the way I sound - I was getting over a cold when I recorded this.

Podcast: Two Sermonettes

In this episode of the podcast, I simply share two "sermonettes" I had done for a local church I attended in Kansas City, MO. One covers the Wise Thief on the cross, while the other covers the temptations of Christ in the wilderness.

Podcast: Guided by Grace

Here is the latest podcast episode. In this one, my wife joins me to discuss her testimony, talking of her going from Roman Catholicism to true repentance and faith in Christ.

My Testimony at Long for Truth

A few days ago, I was interviewed on the podcast Long for Truth about my spiritual journey (and what a journey it was to say the least). If you'd like to hear it, always wondered what I sounded like, or you wonder how many times a person can say "you know" in 45-minutes time, here... Continue Reading →

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