Podcast: Mike Bickle and Psalm 2

In this episode, we review Mike Bickle's message from OneThing 2014, which went over the meaning of Psalm 2. Does he handle it rightly? What tactics does he employ to interpret the passage?This link takes you to a post about IHOP-KC's involvement with the Bethany Deaton murder, but (more importantly) discusses the cult-like atmosphere and... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Joyce Meyer and Word Power

Does scripture teach that we have god-like power through our words? Is this a historic Christian doctrine, or does it come from somewhere else? We ask these questions as we examine a message and Q&A session from Joyce Meyer.Justin Peters' three part examination of the Word of Faith movement can be found here.

Podcast: The $77 Blessing

A special 2014 blessing can be yours for just $77! (Or even $214.) In this episode, we review an episode of Rod Parsley's Breakthrough TV show, where George Bloomer claims to have a direct revelation from God himself about the year 2014. Does it jive with scripture? Most of all, does it jive with the... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Quantum Faith Part 2

In this episode, we continue examining the "Quantum Faith" teaching from Charles and Annette Capps. We also review much of the language found in the Word of Faith heresy.

Podcast: Quantum Faith Part 1

In this episode, we review a teaching from Charles and Annette Capps where they compare our faith to microscopic particles...I am not making this up. We review some of the more honest language about the Word of Faith heresy found in this teaching. This link takes you to the podcast reviewing Len and Cathy Mink's... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Steve Kelly on the 700 Club

I meant to upload this episode earlier, but Spreaker was giving me problems. So...don't trust me when I say it was last week that this interview happened, ha ha.In this episode, we review the 700 Club's interview of Steve Kelly, pastor of Wave Church in Virginia Beach. He talks about his book The Accent of... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Variety Episode 3

In this episode, we review Frederica Mathewes-Green recommending Heaven is for Real (and saying some AMAZING things in defense of it), Rick Joyner speaking about the need for unity (and an "Issachar Anointing"), and then we play a brief custom-made clip about Mark Driscoll.This link takes you to my review of Heaven is for Real.

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