Podcast: Eastern Orthodoxy and the Atonement

In this episode, we review a message by Frederica Mathewes-Green from her podcast on Ancient Faith Radio. She speaks on the Eastern Orthodox view of Christ's sacrifice, why the western view of substitutionary atonement is wrong, and all in response to an email...from me!This link takes you to a copy of the email conversation between... Continue Reading →

Variety Episode 2

In this episode we have Jennifer LeClaire, involved with the International House of Prayer, speaking on a "breaker anointing" in Kentucky, and Joyce Meyer, a Prosperity Gospel teacher, defending female pastors; we listen and review both on today's episode.Here is the link to the Jennifer LeClaire video.Here is the link to the Joyce Meyer video.

Podcast: Joel Osteen

In this episode, we examine a message from Joel Osteen entitled "Reprogram Your Mind." Does he teach the Gospel? Does he teach what the Bible teaches? We hold him up to the word of God and find out.This link takes you to Justin Peters' three part presentation on the Word of Faith/Prosperity Gospel heresy.This link takes... Continue Reading →

Podcast: The Oddity of Bob Jones

In this episode, we present a dramatized reading of the Mike Bickle/Bob Jones sessions from the late 1980's, taken from the Aberrant Practices document. It features much of the insane stuff Bob Jones talked about or claimed at that time...but remember, this is a man who many considered a great prophet even up until his... Continue Reading →

Podcast: The Gospel of Stuff

In this episode, we review an episode of the Len and Cathy Mink TV show, reviewing how Christ died so we could have "stuff." In doing so, we examine the Word of Faith heresy, and how scriptures are twisted to affirm the doctrines.This link takes you to Justin Peters' presentation on the Word of Faith... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Ernest Angley

In this episode, we provide a brief review of televangelist Ernest Angley, along with his questionable doctrines, and some statements I heard him and his staff make while I visited his church in person.Much of this episode's content I owe to a study on Ernest Angley over at the discernment website Let Us Reason.Here's the link to... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Re: A Roman Catholic YouTuber

In this episode, we offer a response to four YouTube videos by Adam Charles Hovey, a Roman Catholic defending his church's doctrine. Topics range from confession, to the Eucharist, to faith alone, to the topic of assurance of salvation.This link takes you to Mister Hovey's YouTube video page.This link goes to the podcast episode on... Continue Reading →

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