An Interview with a Former IHOP-KC Member

During my Prayer and Prophetic Conference tweets, I entered conversation with one of my twitter followers, a gentleman named Ryan. He admitted that he had used to belong to the International House of Prayer, and so I asked if he would be willing to share his experiences by answering some questions.Below are the questions I... Continue Reading →

A Puritan Prayer for Sleep

Today I bought the book The Valley of Vision, which is a collection of Puritan prayers on various subjects. The following is for sleeping:Blessed Creator,Thou hast promised my beloved sleep;Give me restoring rest needful for tomorrow's toil;If dreams be mine, let them not be tinged with evil.Let thy Spirit make my time of repose a... Continue Reading →

Calvinists and Prayer

Question: If God has predestined all that will occur, then why bother to pray?I recently saw this contention on another blog, and thought it would be worth touching upon for a moment. The basic idea is that if everything is predestined to happen, or God has arranged everything to happen, then what sense does it... Continue Reading →

Extemporary Prayer

The following is from the journal of John Wesley.A gentleman came to me full of good-will, to exhort me not to leave the Church; or (which was the same thing in his account) to use extemporary prayer, which, said he, “I will prove to a demonstration to be no prayer at all. For you cannot... Continue Reading →

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