This Week in Review – 3/17/2017

Time for yet another roundup of highlights this week.What Does The Shack Really Teach? “Lies We Believe About God” Tells Us from Tim Challies - An important read for any Christian tackling any debate that exists over The Shack. Tim Challies goes through William Paul Young's straight theological treatise Lies We Believe About God and... Continue Reading →

Application Versus Interpretation

Some time ago, I got in a discussion on Twitter regarding someone's twisting of a scriptural verse based on a dream they had. When I pointed out that they had misused it, someone from their staff came up and said, "To use in application is NOT to interpret. Big difference. Application is NOT deriving doctrine."The... Continue Reading →

Revelation Apart from the Word

The following is taken from RC Sproul's article "The Establishment of Scripture," from the 2009 edition of Ligonier Ministries' Sola Scriptura: The Protestant Position on the Bible.The claims of private revelations are many. Pat Robertson has routinely received a "word of knowledge" on national television. He says God reveals specific illnesses of people who live... Continue Reading →

The Perspicuity and Obscurity of Scripture

The following is from Martin Luther's Bondage of the Will.Now I come to the next head, which is connected with this; where you make a “distinction between the Christian doctrines,” and pretend that some are necessary, and some not necessary.” You say, that “some are abstruse, and some quite clear.”... But, that there are in... Continue Reading →

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