Podcast: Steve Kelly on the 700 Club

I meant to upload this episode earlier, but Spreaker was giving me problems. So...don't trust me when I say it was last week that this interview happened, ha ha.In this episode, we review the 700 Club's interview of Steve Kelly, pastor of Wave Church in Virginia Beach. He talks about his book The Accent of... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Steve Kelly and “Money Talks”

In this episode, we review a message by Steve Kelly at Wave Church, where he talks about how you can change the life of a $100 bill. How do you ultimately do that? The answer may not surprise you...This link takes you to the page discussing the various monikers and levels of recognition granted to... Continue Reading →

Wave Church’s Levels of Giving

A former member of Steve Kelly's Wave Church informed me of an interesting classification they do among their members. Basically, you receive special status for how much you give to the church. I did a bit of digging online, and found some information about these monikers that people at Wave Church are granted.To the left... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Steve Kelly and Thinking Big

In the following episode, we examine a message by Steve Kelly on "thinking big," which he delivered last Sunday (12/8/2013) at Wave Church's evening services. We especially focus on Steve Kelly's treatment of scripture.The episode where we examine the cult-like teachings of Steve Kelly on leadership can be found here.

Podcast: Steve Kelly and God Visions

Here is the latest podcast, in which I review a Steve Kelly sermon talking about how we can obtain and keep our "God vision." Here is the link to my podcast on Steve Kelly's cultic teachings regarding church leadership.

How I Affected Wave Church’s Blog Combox

How did I affect Wave Church's combox? I essentially helped it cease to exist.How did this come about? Well, I was reading the post regarding the second day of Wave Church's Daniel Fast, when I saw what I perceived to be an erroneous application of Matthew 21 to try to teach somewhat therapeutic theology. Thankfully,... Continue Reading →

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