James White versus Dave Hunt on Calvinism

Here's is an oldie from back in the day: James White discussing Calvinism with the (now deceased) Dave Hunt. For those who listen to The Dividing Line, this is infamous for the "I'm very ignorant of the Reformers" line that Dave Hunt said (six months later, he claimed he knew more about Calvinism than most... Continue Reading →

Whose Faith is Truly Special?

A while ago, I entered a discussion with someone that covered the topic of synergism versus monergism. The accusation was made my way that my theology turned men into prideful beings, as they looked upon their faith as though it made them better than others with no faith.My response was that "my theology" (not that... Continue Reading →

Madden Theology

I was joking last night with some people regarding John Madden and how he would interpret various branches of Christian theology in his usual football rhetoric, and...well, it escalated...So imagine, if you will, if John Madden was a... MonergistSynergistCharismaticRoman CatholicEastern OrthodoxLiberal ChristianEmergentDispensationalist

The Passive Tense Fallacy

Many attempt to prove synergism from scripture by appealing to the passive tense of some verbs. For example, some will interpret the possible passive tense of "called" (proskaleitai) used in Mark 3:13, when the Lord was calling the apostles, as implying that the apostles could have rejected Christ. Another example can be found in an... Continue Reading →

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