Podcast: Joyce Meyer and Word Power

Does scripture teach that we have god-like power through our words? Is this a historic Christian doctrine, or does it come from somewhere else? We ask these questions as we examine a message and Q&A session from Joyce Meyer.Justin Peters' three part examination of the Word of Faith movement can be found here.

Podcast: The $77 Blessing

A special 2014 blessing can be yours for just $77! (Or even $214.) In this episode, we review an episode of Rod Parsley's Breakthrough TV show, where George Bloomer claims to have a direct revelation from God himself about the year 2014. Does it jive with scripture? Most of all, does it jive with the... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Quantum Faith Part 2

In this episode, we continue examining the "Quantum Faith" teaching from Charles and Annette Capps. We also review much of the language found in the Word of Faith heresy.

Podcast: Quantum Faith Part 1

In this episode, we review a teaching from Charles and Annette Capps where they compare our faith to microscopic particles...I am not making this up. We review some of the more honest language about the Word of Faith heresy found in this teaching. This link takes you to the podcast reviewing Len and Cathy Mink's... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Joel Osteen

In this episode, we examine a message from Joel Osteen entitled "Reprogram Your Mind." Does he teach the Gospel? Does he teach what the Bible teaches? We hold him up to the word of God and find out.This link takes you to Justin Peters' three part presentation on the Word of Faith/Prosperity Gospel heresy.This link takes... Continue Reading →

The New Age Connection with Word of Faith

The following is the full video that I played clips from in my podcast examining Word of Faith teachers Len and Cathy Mink. It features Teal Swan speaking about how to "manifest money" and "create wealth." I'm sharing it to show the similarities between the Word of Faith camp and New Age theology regarding visualization... Continue Reading →

Podcast: The Gospel of Stuff

In this episode, we review an episode of the Len and Cathy Mink TV show, reviewing how Christ died so we could have "stuff." In doing so, we examine the Word of Faith heresy, and how scriptures are twisted to affirm the doctrines.This link takes you to Justin Peters' presentation on the Word of Faith... Continue Reading →

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